This blog topic has been lingering on my mind for quite some time… and now it is time to share. As a firm believer that all the oozy gooey goodness is already within you, today about a little practice -with big impact- called the ‘attitude of gratitude’!

According to Yogi Bhajan this is the highest yoga, and I couldn’t agree more! From personal experience I noticed that the daily ritual of taking some minutes to consciously jot down what I am grateful for propels my Positive Mind forward. And that there is already a lot of happiness and things to be grateful for in my life. From the sun on my face to dancing in my living room!
Even when a day seems grey and gloomy there is always something you can recall that put a smile on your face or heart. Try it! Practice in the morning and propel your day into prosperity or at night and review the day for sweet dreams. Here are 3 tools to train your positive mind and attitude of gratitude:


Inspired by Elizabeth Gilbert’s Happiness Jar, this is my Gratitude Jar. Chockfull of love notes to myself stating what I am grateful for. I started this tradition on New Years Eve, 31st of December 2016. I took this jar, where I used to keep beans in, and wrote all the intentions I’d like to see come forward in 2017 – you see I have a lot of dreams for 2017 😉 – on metallic washi tape for some added sparkle. If this is your only gratitude Practice try and write a note each day, at nights worked best for me. Before you’ll know it you will have a jar full of love, gratitude and happiness. Ready to read on the next New Years Eve, or anytime you just need a pick-me-up.
> What you need: a jar or any container, colourful paper, a lovely pen and great spirits!

The 5 Minute Journal appThe app version of The 5 minute Journal by Intelligent Change is one happy app for gratitude on the go. As they state ”The simplest thing you can do to start your day happy”, and there is not much else to it. Except for seeing an inspiring quote when you open the app, answering a few gratitude questions in the morning and review questions at night and being able to upload your photo of the day. What I especially like about this app is that it asks you ”what could today make great”, which helps to grow your own happy-ability!
> What you need: a phone and the app (at €5,49) and a little over 5 minutes 😉

Morning Questions

I began this practice of asking 3 questions in the morning when I started with the Kundalini Yoga Coaching training. And have still done it -almost- every day since, 98 days to date. With the repetitive question in the middle you dive deeper into the layers of your gratitude and happiness, which I love. Because there is always much more to it than the surface. The last question brings it all home by asking you how it makes you feel.

> What you need: time in the morning set aside for your lovely self, a notebook, your favourite pen and these 3 questions:
1) What in my life am I grateful for right now?
2) What in that am I grateful for? (Ask this repetitive question 5-10 times)
3) How does this make me feel?

I invite you to try any of these! And tell me, what is your favourite tool to boost your gratitude mindset? Let me know on instagram by tagging @enterthewell! 



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