Time to cut the crap and commit to your higher self.

The beauty to living the live you love is that all of your greatness is already in you. Jij staat aan het roer. And can make that conscious decision to let go of what no longer serves you and expand your creative forces. 

I strongly believe that doing a challenge from a yes space (eg. I want to create art for 7 days) will have more energy than from a no place (eg. I don’t want to smoke for 30 days). And the power of words, when defining your challenge and commitment, can help you immensely. This way you can also package a no-challenge into a yes-commitment.

Commitment…. power instead of resolutions!

Explore what no longer serves you. What are the daily habits that keep you small just because you have become one with the habit. What are the things you do out of fear? What do you want to let go of? Sit for 3 minutes and write down all the crap that you want to cut from your life. 

What will serve you in a sustainable way. What adds to your life, what gives space to you living your soul purpose. In 3 minutes make a list of the things that come to mind when you ask yourself the question: what will expand my greatness?

Pick one thing (or a container if the items fit into one container) that you are ready to let go of. For instance my FB habit. Be specific about it; exactly what do you want to let go of. There might be a dark and light side to that item. Write down what in that you would like to let go of and what in that you would like to keep (or find another way it can manifest itself into). Be specific. 

When you have written down in exactly that way you would like to let go, write down what instead of that you would like to give room to grow. To expand your greatness. And what steps can you take to let go of what you would like to 1? 

Now comes the thrilling part, choose a commitment. Choose a period of time you are committing yourself to, to grow what you want to grow. Accountability… comes from within, it is motivation from within.

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